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ANHRD New Letter

Dear readers,

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As the year 2014 moves into the third quarter, we wish to update you on the
latest at ANHRD.

Yes, we had a change of name and functions which has led us to focus more
on policy implementation instead of Policy making.

The Agency for Nationan Human Resource Developtent team continues to work closely with its partners in order to drive
the human capital development agenda.

This third issue of Insight focuses on training and development within


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1. Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8.30 am to 12 noon for training, scholarships and
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2. Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8.30 am to 1. 00 pm for collection of revenue.
Thanking you for your co-operation and understanding.

Best human resource practices rewarded

Eight organisations from the public and private sectors have been awarded for best human resource practices in the country.

Link to News Site : Read about on the Seychelles Nation

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En lafwar ek en legzibisyon ki pou ede promouvwar tenm nasyonal pour sa lannen – ‘Travay Dir pour Nou Sesel’ -- ti lanse ofisyelman yer kot Sant Konferans Enternasyonal.

Lafwar ek legzibisyon i promot tenm nasyonal - 16.02.2013

En lafwar ek en legzibisyon ki pou ede promouvwar tenm nasyonal pour sa lannen – ‘Travay Dir pour Nou Sesel’ -- ti lanse ofisyelman yer kot Sant Konferans Enternasyonal.
Sa i en lafwar ek legzibisyon i en loportinite pour piblik ganny plis lenformasyon lo bann diferan servis ki Minister Lanplwa ek Devlopman Resours Imen i ofer e osi fer laplikasyon pour ganny en lanplwa.

NHRDC launched Human Resource's Development Survey to check the status of human resources development capacity in Seychelles

new survey to check the status of human resources development has been launched by the National Human Resources Development Council.

Read Full Detail Story from the Press on: Seychelles Nation

Young Seychellois awarded scholarship by Russian government

Yannick Barra has been awarded a scholarship by the Russian Federation to follow a five-year management course in information technology.

Link to News Released Seychelles Nation 01.09.2012

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14 Candidate undertake studies in Bachelor of Busines Studies in International Hotel Management

2nd cohort of hotel management students set for further studies in Ireland

The second cohort of Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA) students will leave the country soon for Shannon College in Ireland where they will complete the last year of their four year degree course in hotel management. They signed their bonding agreement and received their air tickets from the chief executive of the National human resource development council (NHRDC) ;Mrs. Margaret Pillay during a ceremony which took place on August 29, 2012 at the NHRDC.

Four students will leave the country next week to pursue medical studies in Cuba for seven years after being awarded scholarships by the Cuban government.

Maria Stravens, Sebastien Moutou and Stephanie Joseph received their documents and plane tickets from Cuban ambassador Maria Aida Nogales Jimenes yesterday during a ceremony held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while Agnielle Denis’ documents were handed over to her mother.

Attending the ceremony were Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Paul Adam and principal secretary Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, National Human Resources Development Council (NHRDC) chief executive Margaret Pillay and parents.

In August 2010 the National Human resources Development Council (NHRDC) launched the Seychelles Human Resources Development (SHRD) Award

The vision of the NHRDC through the SHRD Award is to establish a strong culture of effective manpower development practices in both public and private organisations.

Participation in the award is voluntary and offers organisations the opportunity to evaluate the benefits of their training and demonstrate their commitment to invest in their workforce as they strive to improve their productivity. It will promote their achievements and thus gain recognition for their HR practices and training programmes, and more importantly from their peers and talented job seekers.