Since its launch in mid 2007 many people who browse the internet are familiar with the website of the National Human Resources Development Council (NHRDC). Just to remind you that the NHRDC is well into its mandate of promoting and coordinating policy interventions which lead to the development of human resources in Seychelles.

It is now working on the National Human Resources Plans to coincide with the Seychelles Strategy Plans and the Seychelles Integrated Human Resources Strategy which will later be available on our website. We have been joined by new staff members who will contribute to more of our publications to reach you.

We would like to reiterate the need for organizations to plan and utilize to the optimum, train and develop their human resources to the successful achievement of organizational goals and corporate objectives. As for individual employees engaged in self-development and make use of learning opportunities. We urge our stakeholders locally and abroad not to hesitate to link up with the NHRDC through our contact us page on the website. Look out for our latest news, scholarships and publications!

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HRD Award Brochure[ PDF ] Click here to download

NHRDC launches a National HRD Award to honour organizations in the public, parastal and private sectors with exemplary HRD practices in place effective mechanisms for the ongoing professional development of their staff.